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High Viscosity Thickener Binder CMC Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium

High Viscosity Thickener Binder CMC Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium

High Viscosity Thickener Binder CMC Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium (1)Oil Drilling Grade CMC *Physical and Chemical Index
Basic Info
Model NO. CMC (Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium) for Painting
CAS No. 9004-32-4
Mf [C6h7o2(Oh)2CH2coona]N
Einecs No. 265-995-8
Classification Chemical Auxiliary Agent Grade Oil Drilling Grade
Purity 95%
Shelf Time 2 Years
pH 5.0-8.0
Moisture 10%Max
Method Water
Safe Physiologically and Toxicologically Harmless
Transport Package 25 Kg/Bag
Specification 300-2000mpa. s
Trademark KELAIDE
Origin China
HS Code 3912310000
Production Capacity 30, 000 Mt Per Year
Product Description
High Viscosity Thickener Binder CMC Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium
What we have ?

(1)Oil Drilling Grade CMC
*Physical and Chemical Indexes of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose for Drilling Fluid.(Perform SY5093-92 Standard)
AppearanceWhite or light yellow powder, freely flowable
Replace degrees(D. S)0.80 min
Purity80% min85% min95% min
Viscosity 2%(in 2% solution at 25 centigrade)200-500 mpa.s600-900 mpa.s1000-1800 mpa.s
Size(60 head)80%
Moisture (%)10% max


Distilled waterSalt waterSaturated salt water
Oil-based mudFiltration loss,ml60±1090±10100±10
Apparent viscosity,mpa.s≤6≤6≤10
HV-CMCPulping rate,m³/t≥200≥150≥160
LV-CMCFiltration loss(10ml)Dosage,g/l≤7.0≤10.0
Apparent viscosity,mpa.s≤4.0≤6.0
Apparent viscosity,mpa.s≥15≥15≥15
Filtration loss,ml≤9≤9≤8
Note:Perform OCMA NO.DFCP-2/NO.DFCP-7 Standard.

(2)Paint Grade CMC
AppearanceWhite or light yellow powder, freely flowable
Purity75-85% min75-90% min80-90% min
Viscosity 2%(in 2.5% solution at 30 centigrade)300-500 mpa.s400-700 mpa.s800-1200 mpa.s
Moisture (%)7-10%6-10%7-10%
Model2% viscosity,mpa.sPHLoss on drying,%Purity%
Note:we can produce it according to your requirements.
What can you get from CMC?
  1. CMC has a high ability to control water loss. In particular, PAC is a highly effective fluid loss reducer at lower dosages. You can control the loss of water to a higher level. It does not affect other properties of the mud.
  2. The formed mud cake is of good quality, strong and tough.
  3. It has good temperature resistance and excellent salt resistance. Under a certain salt concentration, it still has a good ability to reduce water loss and maintain a certain rheology. Compared to soluble in salt water and soluble in water, the viscosity hardly changes. Particularly suitable for offshore drilling and deep well requirements.
  4. It can well control the rheological properties of the mud. It has good non-Newtonian fluidity.
  5. In addition, KELAIDE® CMC is used as a cementing fluid to prevent fluids from entering pores and fractures. It is used as a fracturing fluid to control fluid loss into the well.
Where can you use CMC?

1. "KELAIDE®" CMC is applied to water-based latex paint. It can meet the rheological properties of a certain flow under the action of brush or roller shear force.
2. It can control viscosity and suspension.
3. Generally, CMC accounts for 1-3% in water-based paints and coatings.
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